March 2013 Seminars

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Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol BS3 2EJ - 10:00 - 15:00


Seminar Information - March 2013

Business Seminar 1: 10:30am - 12:00pm

Spider Group –

Bristol Tech Talks on Tour...

At SpiderGroup, we're keen to teach local businesses about technology. We know you probably don't have time to read several blogs on the matter, and we understand that technology isn't always at the top of the list. However, what we like to demonstrate at our Tech Talks is that having the right technology can be crucial to your business.

What is Tech Talks Bristol?

The idea of Tech Talks is to connect people in Bristol through technology and business themed events, which educate and inspire.

Technology challenges in education

John Eastman PhD (Learning Science) -

Learn about how technology has revolutionised the way we now teach Chemistry at school and college level. John has worked in science education for 17 years. He studied Chemistry at Nottingham University and holds a master’s degree and PhD in Colloid and Surface Science from Bristol University. John is recognised as a leading innovator in learning technology and is an experienced designer and project leader. He is the principal architect of Dynamic Lab Manuals and is responsible for major contracts.
Technology to watch out for

James Cook (SpiderGroup) -

James Cook - Spider GroupJames has been involved in technology for over 14 years and is the founder of SpiderGroup, he gives a talk on his views of key technology trends. He set up SpiderGroup after finishing a Chemistry degree at Bristol University and their original mission statement was "to help businesses to get the most out of technology" and they remain true to this motto today. In particular James will be addressing the questions around emerging technologies and trends to watch out for over the coming 12 -18 months and asking what impact they will have on our business and home lives.
An overview and update of Bloodhound

Tony Parraman (Bloodhound SSC) -

Tony Parraman - Blood Hound ProjectTony has had a varied career from being in the RAF to working in a Hardware shop. He has gone from being a design engineer to being a teacher, he now works on the BLOODHOUND project. Tony will be giving us an update on the story so far, along with insight into the key developments in the coming months. As Tony writes on the Bloodhound website: “This project is a once in a life time opportunity to be involved in something that will always be part of British engineering heritage.”
Who should attend: Small and medium business owners, sole traders, freelancers, managers, and all those with an interest in technology or business.

About SpiderGroup

We love technology: We spend most of our time in front of a computer, developing our software, making improvements, and reading or writing techie blogs. What does this mean for you? It means you get to work with a group of geeks who love, what you probably don’t. We enjoy IT: Its capabilities; how it forever changes and how it helps businesses to develop.

SpiderGroup was set up in 2002 by James Cook, who had just finished a degree in Chemistry at Bristol University. In the early day’s, SpiderGroup started out creating networks and IT support coupled with web based software development. The original mission statement of the company was and is: To help businesses to get the most out of technology.

They soon realised that the internet would play a huge part in companies’ technology and so started developing their own platform to host their clients’ web applications. It became obvious to SpiderGroup that not everyone needed their own servers; and that if everything was stored and backed-up centrally, the service would be even better, and much more cost-effective.

This was of course the beginning of Cloud Computing for SpiderGroup, known today as Spideroffice Anywhere.

Today: SpiderGroup still develop some software, however its major focus is Cloud Computing. SpiderGroup are extremely passionate about the Cloud and what it can do for business: Making businesses more time and energy efficient, whilst totally taking the stress and worry out of IT. Cloud Computing is the present-day focus of SpiderGroup and the future of most businesses. 

Business Seminar 2: 12:30pm - 2pm

Nigel Botterill -

The 18 Things that Super-Successful Business Owners Know & Do… …that most business owners don’t know or don’t do!

We’re dead serious about our mission to “Help UK business owners escape mediocrity and live the life that they want to lead”.

The truth is that Nigel – and his whole Team – are truly passionate about what they do and they’re not only very good at it, but they’re having real, practical, tangible impact with many hundreds of businesses right across the country. It’s affecting peoples’ lives and the lives of their families in a hugely positive way. 

SpeakerNigel promises a fast-paced, high-energy 90 minute talk full of practical ideas that you can walk away with and start implementing in your business straight away.

Nigel knows a few things about what it takes to become ‘super successful’ – In the last 8 years, Nigel Botterill has built EIGHT separate million pound+ businesses, from scratch, right here in the UK - and won a shed full of Awards in the process. No one knows better than him what it takes to build big businesses fast.
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