Seminars Sept 2013

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Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol BS3 2EJ - 10:00 - 15:00


Seminar Information - September 2013

10:30am - 11:30am - Business Seminar 1
Hussain Bayoomi - Bristol News and Media

Marketing in a Digital Age

Hussain Bayoomi from Bristol News & Media will be discussing the advancements of Digital Marketing within the modern business. Through an exciting and interactive presentation Hussain will demonstrate how current Digital Marketing techniques such as Augmented Reality can transform your products, services and your customers experience. Hussain will provide thought provoking idea’s and simple tips that can support you in embracing and implementing a Digital marketing strategy. 
Speaker: Hussain BayoomiHussin Bayoomi, Media and Sales Director for BNM

Hussain Bayoomi has 23 years Media experience having worked on Newspapers, Regional National, Numerous Digital Portals, Magazines and Events and is currently Media Sales Director for Bristol News and Media . B.Ed. (Hons) Vocational training with a "Passion for People" helping them to be the very best personally and professionally. Hussain has developed his skills over the past 23 years and in that time delivered all levels of Sales/ Customer Service/Management Training. 2008-2011 he worked as a guest trainer at Cardiff University delivering sessions on the the Institute of Management & Leadership course. Also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing after graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma 2006.

12:00pm - 1:00pm Business Seminar 2
Ciaran Mundy - The Bristol Pound

The Bristol Pound supporting local businesses and building community connections...Go Local!

Bristol Pounds stick to Bristol
Bristol Pounds (£B) stick to local independent businesses. It keeps more money in the city, working for the people of Bristol, rather than being lost to faceless big business. For every £1 spent at a chain supermarket, only 10-12p stays in the local economy. £B’s stick to our local economy for longer and are spent again and again locally. This creates more wealth in the locally owned businesses that are vital for healthy communities and a more resilient local economy.

Bristol Pounds build community connections
£B is a community currency - it connects people and brings people together to show support for our city. Bristol Pounds are ‘happy money’ that feels good to use. £B builds relationships between local businesses and the people who use them. Independent businesses are vital for healthy communities as they employ more people and make Bristol a special and unique place to live.

Bristol Pounds work for people not banks to create a fairer local economy
The Bristol Pound is a not-for-profit partnership between ‘Bristol Pound Community Interest Company’ and Bristol Credit Union. Bristol Credit Union is a local, co-operatively run, alternative to big banks. £B is good, honest money, run for its members and for the good of the city, now and for the future. More local trade can reduce the need for long distance transport, minimising pollution and promoting a low carbon economy we urgently need. £B is acting locally while thinking globally.

Love Bristol. Go Local
Bristol’s unique qualities - its independence, rich culture and community spirit – make it an incredible place to live. Using £B is a great way to discover your city and find amazing local businesses you might otherwise never have heard of! The paper pounds are beautiful and the secure TXT2PAY system is Bristol innovation at its best. Using the pound is a great conversation starter, with each transaction you get a little buzz from knowing that you’re contributing to something amazing.
Speaker: Ciaran Mundy, CEO Bristol Pound CIC

Ciaran is co founder of the Bristol Pound. He previously worked successfully as an entrepreneur in property, IT and the telecoms sector. He is a trained scientist and founding Trustee director at One World Wildlife. Ciaran also works as a director of Transition Bristol which supports localised decision making and community responses to climate change and fossil fuel dependence.

1:30am - 2:30pm - Business Seminar 3
Becca Thurston - UWE Local Enterprise Project

Apprenticeships are for SMEs too!

The presentation will examine the benefits of apprenticeships for small business. From financial grants and recruitment support available to practical advice on how personalising qualifications can allow apprentices to respond directly to your business need.

Speaker: Becca Thurston, Skills Advisor West of England LEP

Having spent nearly 15 years working within work based learning provision Becca has experience of Apprenticeships, NVQs in the workplace and supporting people into employment. She has worked within a variety of sectors including engineering, construction, professional services, retail and land based to name but a few. 

As one of three Skills Advisers within the West of England LEP; Becca works closely with businesses in the West of England to ensure they have a full understanding of the support, help and wide ranging professional development opportunities on offer and are getting the best from the local educational establishments. Increasing the communication between education and industry to help facilitate a variety of activities to meet the ever demanding employment and business needs and expand the range of opportunities available to young people.
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