Seminars March 2014

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Seminar Information - March 2014

Seminar 1: 11:00 - 12:30
Donald Allan Cameron MBE, Managing Director of Cameron Balloons Ltd.
Cameron Balloons LogoCameron Balloons makes more than 75% of the world’s special-shaped balloons, constructs approximately a balloon every day, and 85% of these are exported. It is hardly surprising therefore that his company won the Queen’s Award for Export.

Donald Cameron, like many of his ilk, is a dreamer who, through ability, enthusiasm, commitment and hard work, has succeeded in making many of his dreams a reality. Such is the nature of engineering.

In this FREE seminar hear from Donald Cameron how he achieved his goals and dreams and be inspired to achieve your own.

About Donald Allan Cameron

Donald Cameron, MD Cameron Balloons LtdDonald Cameron was born in Glasgow in 1939. He attended Allan Glen’s School in the City, after which he continued his formal education by reading Aeronautical Engineering at Glasgow University, graduating with honours in 1961. He also obtained a Master’s Degree at Cornell University, in the USA in 1963, after which he took up an appointment with the Bristol Aeroplane Company. In his enthusiasm for Aeronautics and flying, he and a few friends who were members of Bristol Gliding Club, formed the group who built the first modern hot-air balloon, in Western Europe, called the Bristol Belle, which flew in 1967; 184 years after the balloon, constructed by the Montgolfier Brothers gave man his first taste of “slipping the surly bonds of Earth” through controlled flight. This new-found hobby of ballooning was transformed into a commercial concern which, today is the largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons, making Bristol the undisputed ballooning capital of the world.
Don Cameron is a vastly experienced pilot and has received the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of the British Royal Aero Club for his ballooning achievements. It was at The White House in the United States of America that the Vice President awarded him the Harmon Trophy, which has had such auspicious holders as Charles Lindburgh and Neil Armstrong.

Among his many ballooning achievements, Don Cameron was the first to cross the Alps and the Sahara by hot-air balloon. In 1990, he made the first balloon flight between the UK and what was then the USSR. In 1978, his attempt to make the premier Atlantic crossing by balloon ended in sight if the French coast, when bad weather forced his craft down. Undaunted, however, he achieved that goal in 1992, when he flew a balloon of his own design from Bangor, Maine, to Portugal and won second place in the first-ever transatlantic balloon race.

Cameron Balloon over BristolCameron Balloons, Bristol, built the world’s first hot-air airship, a dirigible shaped hot-air balloon that can be manoeuvred by using a small engine and fabric rudder. These activities were extended to include the world’s smallest helium filled craft, being a one-man machine that can be kept in an ordinary aircraft hanger when not in use. As well as all these conventional balloons, Don Cameron’s company has developed the technology to produce its world famous special shapes. Such shapes as a Fantasia Castle for Disney; a bust of Beethoven; an Orient Express train; trucks; shoes; telephone; motorcycle; cars; fruit; bottles; cans; golf balls and numerous animals, such as a dinosaur, a dog, a parrot, bears, rabbits, Mickey Mouse, and, of course Donald Duck. The design of early special shapes were all completed by Don Cameron himself using a drawing board and slide-rule technique. He later wrote special-purpose software for the design of special shape balloons which made possible the present wide range of achievable shapes. All of these craft are fully certified as aircraft, yet they are entirely built of fabric. There are no solid devices to help them keep their shape.

Don Cameron has advanced the science, technology and the art of lighter-than-air flight to its highest level over a period in excess of 25 years. the epitome of his achievement is most persuasively illustrated by the fact that it was a Don Cameron R-650 Roziere type, combination helium and hot-air balloon, that was used by the Breitling Orbiter team to complete the first-ever circumnavigation of the globe by hot-air balloon. This is notable also for the fact that it holds the record for the longest un-refuelled flight of any aircraft in aviation history both in terms of distance (40,813 km) and duration (19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes). There were also smaller versions of that Cameron- Roziere balloon that were used in the 1992 Chrysler Atlantic Race and have been used for a variety of projects, including the first coast to coast flight across Australia and the first solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

Don Cameron, in July ‘00, received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Engineering from Glasgow University.

This is adapted from the address by Professor R. A. McD Galbraith on that occasion. 

Seminar 2: 13:00 - 14:00
Meet your go-to Guy for the cloud…

Guy Longmore is the face of RE Cloud. He has been a technology specialist since 1997.

He can help you demystify where cloud could take your business and help you determine if cloud is right for you.

Our customers speak as highly about the support they get on their journey to RE Cloud as they do about their experience of the various platform services they use. That’s support in all senses of the word ­advice, care, attention, assistance ­underpinned by a programme of work aimed at taking joint responsibility for the decision to place some or all of your platform services in our hands.

Illustrated with real world examples, Guy will use this presentation to talk you through the cloud market place and how business can get the most out of the cloud.
Who is this Guy?

Guy Longmore began working in technology back in 1997, at the advent of Storage Area Networks. Always one to seek out something new, he joined a nascent SAN vendor with plans to become the next EMC. They never quite realised their ambitions, but Guy learned a thing or two about helping to make a market and establish a value proposition at the early stages of adoption.

From there he went to Compaq, leading their enterprise storage ambitions in The City. He quickly established a name for himself with breakthrough wins and was handpicked to present his customer case studies to the EMEA Sales Conference in New York from the grand setting of a Broadway stage. A stint in Compaq/HP’s New Economy team followed, heading up their storage push into joint ventures, emerging ISPs and the darlings of Internet 1.0.

When the bubble burst, Guy reassessed his ambitions and decided to become a journalist. Work at Computing Magazine was an obvious start after college but with a short adventure novel under his belt he fancied something more exotic and ended up in China, working as Staff Editor on the nation’s only English-language travel magazine. When it closed he decided to return, both to England and a new role in IT with Richardson Eyres; Guy’s key technology partner from his days at Compaq and HP. He quickly leveraged his experience in storage, working on Richardson Eyres’ infrastructure consolidation projects. Always seeking something new and fresh he then set about creating a suite of managed services for on-premise infrastructure. Guy now successfully heads up the company’s Cloud and Managed Services division.
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